September 13


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Now that sunrise is at nearly 7:00 a.m., traffic is getting a lot heavier. 

There is another  new crop of curious people to stop and ask what I'm doing. There seems to be a new crop for roughly every 30 minutes of change in sunrise time. This seems to be enough time for Tim Horton visitors to have undergone a complete change. Every 'cycle' I have people stop on several days, usually non-commuting types such as bicyclists, guys in pickup trucks etc. Some of the conversations get quite interesting. I have been asked if someone's niece could do a co-op placement with me. I have been berated for contributing to the spread of urban ugliness by photographing and thus memorializing strip plazas. I have been told I must to crazy to try to take pictures of sunrise when the sun clearly wasn't going to be visible through the rain. (I will grant them persistent - but crazy?)

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