August 10


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"Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning...".  Not such a bad day - cloudy with showers.

Other 'red' mornings:

JN30sea.gif (13083 bytes)

June 30: Cloudy,  clearing in the early evening.

JL31sea.gif (12684 bytes)

July 31: Cloudy with thunderstorms.

AU6sea.gif (11535 bytes)

Aug. 6: Cloudy and showers all day.



AU19sea.gif (12508 bytes)

August 19: Cloudy and overcast all day.

AU28sea.gif (13333 bytes)

August 28: Mainly sunny.

SE28sea.gif (12527 bytes)

September 28: a.m. fog, mainly sunny



NO10sea.gif (12576 bytes)

November 10: Haze, fog, overcast, rain.

January 1: Fog a.m., then sunny until late p.m. 

March 3: Mostly cloudy, tiny bits of sun.



May 28: Cloudy, bits of sun.





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