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Tracking Dawn - Weekly Images June 12 to 18:

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June 12       - Forecast: Mix of sun and cloud. High 22șC., 
                                  P.O.P. 0%. UV index 8.3.

                       Actual: Fog a.m., then cloudy. High 16.5șC.                                                   

June 13       - Forecast: Cloudy with scattered showers. Risk of a.m.
                                  thunderstorms, clearing late p.m.

                                  High 22șC. P.O.P. 60%. UV index 4.6.
                                  Winds NE to 20 km/hr.

                       Actual: Fog, cloud, rain, thunderstorms. High 16șC.                          

June 14        - Forecast: Cloudy with sunny periods. Showers and
                                   thunderstorms at night. High 27șC. P.O.P. 40%.
                                   UV index 6.9. Winds SW 20 to 40 km/hr.                              

                       Actual: Fog and rain a.m., hazy sun and cloud p.m.,
                                   thunderstorm evening. High 24.5șC. Breezy.

June 15       - Forecast: Showers and scattered thunderstorms ending p.m.,
                                   then clearing. High 23șC., P.O.P. 80%.
                                   UV index 5.4. Winds SW 20 to 40 km/hr.

                       Actual: Fog a.m., mainly cloudy with showers. High 25.5șC.
Very windy p.m.  

June 16       - Forecast: Mix of sun and cloud with scattered showers and
                                   thunderstorms late p.m. High 27șC., P.O.P. 40%.
                                   UV index 8.9. Winds SW to 50 km/hr.                                  

                       Actual: Sunny a.m., partly sunny p.m..
                                   High 28.5șC. Very windy.

June 1      - Forecast: Becoming sunny by midday.  
                                  High 24șC., P.O.P. 20%. UV index 8.6.
                       Actual: Mainly cloudy a.m., partly sunny p.m.
                                  High 21.5șC. Breezy p.m.

June 18       - Forecast: Cloudy with chance of rain. High 19șC.,  
                                  P.O.P. 30%. UV index 5.3                            
                       Actual: Rain a.m. and early afternoon, then gradual clearing.
                                  High 16.5șC.

Note: Forecasts are from Environment Canada's Website - 8 pm edition. Forecast winds are given only if over 10 km/hr.


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